Harris, C.S.
  Why Mermaids Sing: a Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery / C.S. Harris.
It was September 1811 in Regency England. A serial killer was murdering the young sons of some of London’s most prominent families. The bodies were partially butchered, with strange objects stuffed in their mouths, and were dumped in very public places at dawn. Local magistrate, Sir Henry Lovejoy, was called in to investigate when the first body was discovered. After the identity of the victim, he enlisted the help of Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin.
As more bodies were discovered, the case takes Sebastian from the gritty world of London’s docks, to the rectory in a quaint Kentish town, to the luxurious drawing rooms of Mayfair. It appeared that the more that was uncovered during his investigation, the more puzzling and disturbing the case becomes. The series of murders were ritualized killings with a purpose– and the answer may lie in the stanzas of a poem, and with the fathers of the victims who were determined to keep a horrific secret, even if it meant sacrificing their own children to keep the truth from becoming known.
  c. The Two Talers, LLC, 2008
  Penguin Group USA

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