Bank, Anna
  Of Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy) Book 1 / Anna Banks.
Galen, a Syrena prince, searches land for a girl he's heard can communicate with fish. It's while Emma is on vacation at the beach that she meets Galen. Although their connection is immediate and powerful, Galen's not fully convinced that Emma's the one he's been looking for. That is, until a deadly encounter with a shark proves that Emma and her Gift may be the only thing that can save his kingdom. He needs her help--no matter what the risk. 
Of Poseidon is the start of The Syrena Legacy series by Anna Banks.

  •   c. Square Fish; Reprint edition, 2013
  •   ISBN-10: 1250027365
  •   ISBN-13: 978-1250027368

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   Of Triton (The Syrena Legacy) Book 2 / Anna Banks.
  • Emma has just learned that her mother is a long-lost Poseidon princess, and now struggles with an identity crisis: As a Half-Breed, she's a freak in the human world and an abomination in the Syrena realm. Syrena law states all Half-Breeds should be put to death. As if that's not bad enough, her mother's reappearance in the Syrena world turns the two kingdoms--Poseidon and Triton--against one another. Which leaves Emma with a decision to make: Should she comply with Galen's request to keep herself safe and just hope for the best? Or should she risk it all and reveal herself--and her Gift--to save a people she's never known?
  •   c. Square Fish; Reprint edition, 2014
  •   ISBN-10: 1250044316
  •   ISBN-13: 978-1250044310

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   Of Neptune (The Syrena Legacy) Book 3 / Anna Banks.
  • Emma, who is half human and half Syrena, and her Syrena love, Galen, need time together. Alone. Away from the kingdoms of Poseidon and Triton. Emma's grandfather, the Poseidon king, suggests the two visit a small town called Neptune. Neptune is home to both Syrena and Half Breeds alike. But Emma and Galen didn't sign up to be peacemakers between the ocean and land-dwelling, freshwater Syrena. They didn't bargain for meeting a charming Half Breed named Reed, who can barely disguise his feelings for Emma. And they especially didn't expect to find themselves in the middle of a power struggle that threatens not only their love but their ocean kingdoms.
  •   c. Square Fish, 2015
  •   ISBN-10: 125006306X
  •   ISBN-13: 978-1250063069

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Carlton, Demelza

  Ocean's Gift (Series) / Demelza, Calton
Three bargain-priced bestsellers in one box! This Ocean's Gift box set includes books 1 and 2 from the Ocean's Gift series - Ocean's Gift and Ocean's Infiltrator - plus the prequel novella, Water and Fire.
Water and FireWorking as a student midwife in an Australian country hospital is never easy, but Belinda finds more trouble than most. There's the intern doctor who follows her around like an overgrown puppy, the dangerous local wildlife and her own secrets she must keep. When she finds herself without a place to live, what else can possibly go wrong? Or is it time for something to go right?
Ocean's Gift (#1)Mermaids don't fall in love with humans. For centuries it has been so...
But Sirena is different. She lost her first love to sharks and a storm, cursing the islands that stole him from her. Times have changed and she must swim ashore once more, to the islands she once cursed. Gone are the boats powered by sail and steam - jet boats with GPS are now the order of the day. Enter Joe, the deckhand on the Dolphin. A handy man to have around when the lights go out. He'll fix your generator and have the lights back on in no time, no worries. But can he seduce a siren? Or will she swim away before he can uncover her secret? A book about lobsters, beer and boobs, on some cursed islands off the coast of Western Australia. At least, that's how Joe tells it. For Sirena, it's a very different story.
Ocean's Infiltrator (#2)Could you kill the man you love to protect your people? Capsize his boat. Lure him into the water. Summon sharks... How long will Sirena let Joe live, now he knows her secret? A story about seduction and sharks, parenthood and penguins, with plenty of beer and boobs to keep it interesting, at some coral islands off the coast of Western Australia, plus a few other places, too. Sexy mermaids surface once more, to sing up chaos on ship and submarine, sea and shore. Trouble, take two. This is Demelza's second contemporary fantasy book in the Ocean's Gift series, with more mermaids and mayhem than ever. You'll never look at mermaids the same way again.

  ISBN-13: 2940045563901
  Available on Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, and Smashwords 

  c. Demelza Calton, 2014

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Deebs, Tracy.
   Tempest Unleashed: a Tempest Maguire novel / Tracy Deebs.
Tempest Maguire is content with her decision to embrace her mermaid heritage and live among her mother's clan within the ocean's depths. Even though training to one day ascend the throne for the aging mermaid queen is rigorous, she finds refuge in the arms of Kona, the selkie who helped her to find her power. But when word comes that one of her brothers has been gravely injured on land, Tempest immediately rushes to his side-which also brings her back to her old flame, Mark. As a dangerous war erupts in her absence at the hands of her old nemesis, the sea witch Tiamat, Tempest's two loves-Kona and Mark, sea and land-will collide for the first time, forcing her to once again choose between her heart and destiny.

  c. Walker Childrens, 201
  ISBN-10: 0802734669

  ISBN-13: 978-0802734662

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Harmony, Terra
  Rising, the (The Painted Maidens Trilogy) Book 1 / Terra Harmony.

Seventeen-year-old Serena is the youngest member of a dying race. The increasing acidity of the ocean is destroying her home, slowly eating away at the once thriving underwater landscape. But since the night of Serena’s birth, it is an outside force that most threatens their dwindling population. Werewolves, who once served as protectors for mermaids in the Kingdom of the Undine, now seek to eliminate all who dwell in the ocean—and Serena is about to find herself right in the middle of the deadly conflict. Given the title of Werewolf Liaison, Serena is determined to make things right for her people. When she ventures to The Dry, she meets Liam, the werewolf with hazel eyes, and her whole world gets turned upside down. As Serena discovers the real history between werewolves and mermaids, she is left wondering who her true enemies are. 
  c. Patchwork Press, 2013
  ISBN: 0991789792

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  Betrayal, the (The Painted Maidens Trilogy) Book 2 / Terra Harmony.
Two separate worlds; the Undine of The Deep and the Wolves of The Dry. A history muddled in war but thick with family bonds blur the lines of right and wrong. The youngest members of each race unite, trying to steer their people away from the brink of disaster. Serena and Liam must work together to resolve the problems of their people before the pressure tears these twin siblings apart. But the betrayed are angry, and are out for revenge.
  c. Patchwork Press, 2014

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Herbert, Debbie.

  Siren's Secret./ Debbie Herbert. -- Harlequin Nocturne Series.

Shelly Connors's worlds—on land and in the sea—are turned upside down when an evening swim turns into a nightmare. On a sweltering night deep in the bayou, the mystical mermaid witnesses a horrifying act. With a monstrous killer now hot on her trail, her life and the lives of her kin are in jeopardy. Terrified of becoming the next victim, Shelly has no choice but to turn to Sheriff Tillman Angier. Tillman has had his intense gray eyes on the sultry honey-haired beauty for a while. The feelings are mutual…and impossible to ignore. But he's determined to solve the murders, and he knows Shelly's hiding something. Can she trust him with her deepest secret?
  c. Harlequin, 2013
  •   ISBN-10: 0373885822
  •   ISBN-13: 978-0373885824

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